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Golf Clubs

Golf Course & Club insurance is quite a niche area but a worthwhile policy to take out if you own a course with members. This type of insurance usually covers members, visitors and the grounds themselves. For members and visitors, there are many things you can incorporate from property damage, personal accident and Hole in Ones. For the grounds and course, you will need the greens, bunkers and playing surfaces covered in the case of any vandalism or natural damage. You may also need cover for things like gates, fences, walls and course alterations throughout the year.

Football Clubs

There are plenty of things to worry about when running a football club, and not a lot of it has much to do with the sport itself. Of course, you have the players, the pitch and the equipment that must be insured, but there are also the considerations of clubhouses, accidental injury to spectators and visiting teams and any business interruptions. If you’re a bigger club and have employees, you’ll also have to consider the liability insurances that are attributed to them. All of these things can be incorporated into the same insurance policy that covers football clubs, enabling you to focus on winning games and growing!

Rugby Clubs

Rugby clubs are complicated clubs to run. Of course, the sport aspect is the most important to the club and for the growth of the club, but if the business side is neglected, you could find yourself in trouble. A good insurance policy to cover your rugby club is a valuable asset to have at your disposal. This will protect you from player injury costs, damage to the clubhouse, accidents involving spectators and visiting teams, along with a whole host of other considerations. With Rugby Club insurance, you can finetune the policy to fit your club, paying for only the covers that you need and leaving you to focus on the essential parts of running a sports club.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools do have their risks. Of course, you must make sure you have public liability insurance that protects you from any claims stemming from a customer’s injury.

Additionally, pools have a great deal of machinery that keeps them working, from pumps to filters; you must ensure that they are  covered in the case of breakdown.


The rise in independent gyms has offered the consumer many more opportunities to keep fit in different ways. Regardless of which type of gym you have, a good insurance policy is a must for people taking part in the exercise in your building and with your equipment. The obvious reason is in the case of injury or death, whether from accidents or health issues. Still, you need to have the coverage to pay for your compensation, and court fees should a claim ever be made against you. Next, you have the cover for the building and equipment to protect it from damage, loss and theft. Finally, if you have employees, you will also need a decent amount of coverage for any employee claims and disputes relating to you and your business. All of these things can be included in your Gym Insurance policy, and more can be added based on the specificities of your gym.

Sports Halls

Much like the gym mentioned above Insurance, Sports Halls are fantastic facilities that provide people with spaces to play various sports and take part in exercise, but if you own a sports hall, you must ensure that you are fully covered in case of an accident. Similarly to gyms, you will have people who engage in strenuous exercise that can sometimes result in adverse effects or may be injured during their exercise routine.

Public liability insurance is essential for protecting you against any claims made by customers, just like it is essential to have employee liability insurance if you have people working for you. The building and the equipment within it will need to be covered if it is damaged or stolen, meaning you will be able to replace the equipment quickly to reduce its impact on your business.

Cricket Clubs

Cricket clubs are complex clubs to run. There are just as many responsibilities relating to the business aspect of the club as the sports side, which can sometimes throw up some balance issues if the business functions are neglected. To run a successful sports club, you must have sound insurance to cover all of your assets, including your players, clubhouse, equipment and more. Your cricket pitch, just like a football or rugby pitch, must be covered in the event of damage from vandalism or bad weather to ensure that your team can continue playing with minimal disruption.

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