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About Our Family Fleet Insurance

Family fleet insurance is a flexible, multi-car insurance that covers households for all cars within. For example, your family may have a small hatchback, a large SUV and a van. Now, you may need to use different vehicles on different occasions, but paying insurance on all three for everyone that needs access to them can become quite costly, even when utilising named drivers. A family fleet insurance policy, on the other hand, can insure all members of the policy on each of the vehicles included in the policy, giving each person the freedom to drive whatever vehicle they need day-to-day while being fully covered.

Types of Family Fleet Insurance

When it comes to family fleet insurance, you’ll need to decide on the level of cover you need, and you’ll have three options:

Comprehensive Cover – This is the highest level of insurance and is almost definitely the best option for family insurance. It includes third-party, fire and theft, and most importantly, it covers damage to your vehicle, regardless of fault. This is the best option because, without it, you could be left without a car in the event of an accident, and if there is finance on the vehicle, you will still be liable for those payments.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft – This cover only protects the third party, meaning any damage to other people. The only insurance you receive is in the event of fire or theft.

Third-Party Only: This covers just the damage done to other people and their property.

Why opt for family fleet insurance?

Family fleet insurance is becoming more and more commonplace with families as there are more cars within a household than ever. Parents and their children are remaining in the same household for longer and therefore can benefit from fleet insurance that allows everybody to drive every car.

Everyone in the family can also save a little money because fleet insurance works out cheaper than multiple individual policies more often than not. Plus, there’s the added benefit of less admin when it comes to renewing car insurance.

As an example, your household could have a large SUV, a van and a small hatchback. Now, each of these vehicles has different attributes and will probably be better suited to certain scenarios than others. If you need to drive somewhere with a few people but only have a van, you can take the hatchback instead and not have to worry about attaining short term insurance policy.

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