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What Insurance Do UBER Driver Need?

Some confusion has been generated with Uber over the different types of insurance required for Uber drivers. In the US, Uber includes insurance for the vehicle during the private hire part of the journey, however, the driver must have personal insurance for when the car is driven without passengers. However, they don’t offer this same coverage in the UK, meaning that drivers are responsible for attaining insurance that covers both them and private hire for passengers. In the UK, private hire insurance is suitable for Uber, and this must be proven during the Uber application process.

What Is UBER?

Uber quickly gained traction in the UK following great successes across the pond in the USA. Essentially, Uber is a private hire taxi service that can be booked via a smartphone app and paid for the same way. Uber also benefits from a much less stringent set of qualifications than traditional private hires allowing them to take on a far greater collection of drivers. These drivers receive a percentage of every fare as a salary.

Who Can Be An UBER Driver?

There are some requirements to become an Uber driver in the UK, and the main aspects are listed below:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Possess a valid UK drivers licence
  • Must attain a private hire licence from the local council that Uber is licensed in
  • The vehicle must be made in 2008 or later
  • During the onboarding process, applicants will need to pass some skill-based tests to prove their competency

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