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The number of taxis in your fleet, their age, make and model, the driving history of your staff, and the location they work in all affect the price of your fleet insurance policy premium.

It can be incredibly time-consuming and costly to spend lots of time shopping around for the best premiums. So why not leave it to us to find you the best taxi fleet insurance premium on the market. We ensure that the policy is fine-tuned to your specific fleet, as well as your business model and goals.

How can I reduce my taxi fleet insurance price?

Regardless of vehicle type, the cost of insuring a taxi is much more than a normal car due to the amount of time it spends on the road. This increases the likelihood of it being involved in an accident. However, you can still make savings by including all of your vehicles on a single fleet policy instead of trying to juggle lots of individual premiums.

Type of Vehicle

The choice of vehicle will also have an impact on the price of your taxi fleet insurance, with imported and high-end vehicles attracting much higher premiums than your more common makes and models. However, even when you opt for more common vehicles, you should try to purchase cars with a good reputation for quality and avoid trying to save too much money on cheap varieties.

Regular Services

Regular servicing on your vehicles will improve your premiums year on year. However, it would be best to opt for breakdown cover within your policy to safeguard against any unforeseen issues. Regular servicing will ensure that things like brakes, steering and lights are always at the best standard, reducing the risk of accidents. The fewer accidents your cars are involved in, the cheaper your premium will be each year.


The types of drivers you employ can have a significant impact on your taxi fleet insurance price. If you opt for many young drivers with little driving experience, you can expect your premiums to be sky-high. So it would help if you always aimed to hire a good number of seasoned drivers with clean driving records, which will attract much lower premiums for your fleet insurance. A good rule of thumb is over the age of 25, which insurance companies view as less risk.

Speed Limiters
Speed limiters are also an excellent feature to install onto your vehicles to ensure that they are constantly being appropriately driven and are not getting burnt out. This will also reduce the number of accidents your cars find themselves in, which of course, brings down your premiums each year. In the UK, speed limiters are not widely used within taxi firms. Still, they are encouraged by insurance companies more every year so that you can take advantage of the lesser premiums now.
Public vs Private
A public hire vehicle (PHV) is a taxi that is licensed to operate as a black cab, or a black cab you can hail without having to pre-book. Private hire vehicles, on the other hand, are taxis or Ubers booked in advance.

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