New Branch Official Open: Southport

We’re thrilled to announce that we have opened yet another branch in Southport! In line with the continued growth of our business, to best meet the demand of our clients, the most logical step was to open another branch in a new area. We also find ourselves in the wonderful position to be recruiting again for a number of roles within the Southport office. At the moment, we are recruiting for:

  • Taxi Insurance Advisor
  • Fleet Account Executive
  • Commercial Account Executive

The salary for each of these roles is incredibly competitive, and a comprehensive employment package is provided for all employees. If you have prior experience in any of these sectors, get in touch with us: Southport@jbbrokers.com.

Southport, We’re Here!

We understand that different customers like to get in touch with us in different ways, which is why we’re strongly committed to making a face to face consultations possible through our in-store branches. However, if you’d rather get in touch with us another way, you can call us, get in touch via email or contact us through the online form found on our website. Our dedicated teams are always on hand to deal with any insurance enquiry you may have, and our loyal customer base is growing daily.

We pride ourselves on being true experts across all insurance types, and to give you an idea of the insurance we provide, we’ve expanded on a few below.

Business insurance is a cover that is crucial for new and existing businesses, regardless of size and structure. Essentially, this cover protects your business, directors and employees from any third-party lawsuits, complaints and much more. Now, business insurance is a pretty broad term, so get in touch with the team, and we’ll advise you on the covers that are essential for your business.

Commercial fleet insurance is another fantastic cover for companies and large families that tend to utilise a number of motor vehicles. This type of cover saves you money and a whole lot of time by removing the need to keep up with numerous car insurance policies with different terms and premiums. Instead, a single annual premium and contract cover all of your vehicles, and you can add more vehicles and drivers throughout your term. While this type of insurance is popular and worthwhile, it can be a little complex when it comes to finding the best deals, so why not pop into our new Southport and Wrexham branches and let us do the hard work for you.

Other Services

We offer a complete range of insurance products that covers every possible avenue. Our main insurance covers are as follows, but if you’re looking for somewhat of a niche cover, get in touch with the team for more information and advice.

Taxi Insurance

Taxi and Uber drivers have become incredibly popular jobs, both for full-time and part-time employment, due to the flexibility they offer. However, you must ensure that you have attained the correct cover before you start in this line of work. Taxi insurance covers some key extras that separate it from typical car insurance, such as public liability insurance which would cover you both professionally and personally.

Courier Insurance

The steady growth of mail-order popularity has seen an unprecedented demand for courier drivers across numerous companies, and there is a great living to be earned from this career path. Of course, working as a courier leaves you responsible for a number of high-value goods, so full insurance for both your vehicle and these goods is essential.

HGV Insurance

Much like couriers, HGV drivers are in massive demand following a number of economic developments in recent years, and again, fantastic money can be made from a career as an HGV driver. There is a great deal of responsibility involved with driving an HGV, so full insurance is crucial, if you’re considering a business in this field, speak to members of our team to find out some more information.

Commercial Property Insurance

The most valuable assets to most are their property/properties. Protecting such valuable assets is a priority as so many unforeseen things can and will go wrong over the course of decades. Get in touch with a member of our team today to see if we can save you any money on your home insurance.

We want to hear from you!

Whether you’re looking for a career with JB Brokers or are looking for insurance cover, we want to hear from you. Come down and check out our new Southport branch, or get in touch with their team via phone or online: https://jbbrokers.co.uk/contact/.

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