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Coach and Bus businesses are incredibly popular, whether for short trips or longer trips into Europe. Being a coach driver comes with the responsibility for the safety of all the passengers on your coach, along with other people on the road. Buses and coaches are not easy to drive. The size and weight of them mean there are far more things to take into consideration than with a standard car, and while the skill level of the drivers may not be in question, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. This means proper insurance cover is the most important thing to have.

Types of Coach Insurance

Fleet Insurance – Fleet insurance is best if you have a fleet of coaches. Instead of dealing with several separate policies each year, you’ll have one, which saves a lot of time with the admin. It also allows you to insure each of your drivers across all of your vehicles, making your business much more flexible with jobs and routes. Fleet insurance is the most popular type of insurance for coaches.

Public Liability – Public liability cover protects you financially from any court costs and compensation should any member of the public or another business claim against you for any reason for damage or injury caused through your work.

Breakdown Cover – The last thing you want with a coach full of passengers is a breakdown, but even more so, you don’t want to break down without any cover. With breakdown cover, you’ll have someone you can call out to fix your issue by the roadside or to tow you to a local garage to have the repairs done. Some covers will also provide you with alternative vehicles.

Tour Operation Liability – This covers the cost of any compensation or refunds should something go awry preventing you from providing the tour service you offered. Things like stormy weather or road closures can put a halt to touring, so this cover will make sure you’re not financially damaged by this.

European Cover – This covers you for any trips you make past the border into Europe. Of course, trips to the likes of France, Germany, Holland and Belgium are very popular, so this is a potentially essential cover to attain.

How can I save money on my coach insurance?

There are a few things you can do to get a cheaper premium for your coach insurance. Fleet insurance is an excellent way to pay less for your insurance if you are currently opting for individual policies on your coaches. There’s also the following:

  • Annual premium payments
  • Carrying fewer passengers at a time
  • Driving coaches with fewer seats
  • Offering a higher voluntary excess
  • Building up a no-claims bonus
Can you attain contents and damage insurance for a coach?

This type of cover can be incorporated into your overall policy, which would cover both you and your passengers from any lost, stolen or damaged contents, along with covering you for any damage caused by passengers.

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