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If you’re a small business, a larger organisation or simply the head of a large household, you’re probably in charge of insuring a large number of vehicles. In that case, you may want to consider opting for fleet insurance instead of juggling many individual policies all at once.

This type of policy has several benefits to you, from the amount of time saved on admin to the financial gain of smaller monthly bills, as fleet insurance tends to work out significantly cheaper than having several individual policies.

What is fleet insurance?

Essentially, fleet insurance is for anyone with more than one vehicle to insure. The amount of vehicles you can have on a single fleet insurance policy depends on the specifics of the policy and the insurer. Still, with most insurers, you will need to add a minimum of 2 or 3 vehicles to the policy. The maximum amount of vehicles are usually pretty flexible. If you reach the threshold on a policy, it’s easy to upgrade it to the next one, meaning you could have thousands of cars literally on a fleet insurance policy if you needed it.

What vehicles does a fleet insurance policy cover?

Generally, you’ll be able to insure a number of different vehicles on your fleet policy from cars, vans and motorbikes. For more specialist vehicles, you’d need a separate fleet policy that is dedicated to those types of vehicles.

Why should I opt for fleet insurance?

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits are pretty substantial for fleet insurance policies. First of all, managing numerous insurance policies at once can be quite a headache, especially when it comes to renewals. You can also enjoy significant financial savings with fleet policies, as they are usually a lot cheaper per car than entire individual car insurance policies, along with being more flexible when it comes to adding new vehicles and drivers.

Who needs fleet insurance in the UK?

Fleet insurance is perfect for a lot of different people and companies. If you’re a big family that tend to use each other’s cars for various purposes, then a fleet insurance policy is the best way to insure all of your cars at once and insure everyone to use them. Businesses like taxi firms and delivery firms are best with fleet insurance, as they tend to use a number of different cars and drivers at any one time, along with a steady addition and removal of staff and vehicles. Companies that provide their staff with company cars also benefit significantly from fleet insurance to keep everything organised.

Is car fleet just for businesses?

Not at all. Fleet insurance is just as effective for large families as it is for businesses that use a lot of different vehicles. It’s cheaper than lots of separate policies, and it saves everyone time by only having one renewal date and premium.

Ask Our Fleet Insurance Professionals

The fleet insurance policy is a convenient way to insure several motor vehicles at the same time under just one policy.

No. Fleet Claims Experience (CCE or Confirmed Claims Experience) does not accrue. Instead, it is an accumulation of vehicle numbers and claims amounts.

We can provide quotes for the private/public hire sectors.

In insurance terms, there is no ‘drive other vehicles’ extension. Your coverage is limited to vehicles that are advised and confirmed.

Yes. We can insure any member of the family on each vehicle included in the policy. You can then drive any vehicle you need to while being completely covered.

We can tailor policies to meet your needs. Each policy will have its own driver criteria, as well as terms and conditions that should be carefully reviewed to ensure that all drivers are covered legally.

As a standard driver criteria, it would be for drivers 25 and older, up to 69 years old with at least 2 years of consecutive driving experience and 3 years of consecutive residency.

No. There are no restrictions on our fleet policies; they accommodate a wide range of vehicle types, from personal cars to heavy trucks – and some even allow the addition of small plants.

Younger drivers can be covered by Fleet Insurance. However, drivers under 25 may pay significantly higher premiums.

Vehicles must be registered to the company owner or to the company itself, if it is a limited company.

The minimum number of vehicles for a Fleet Insurance policy is three, but there is no maximum.

The coverage differs based on your policy needs, which will be disclosed at quotation time.

We offer coverage for:

  • Social, domestic and recreational purposes
  • Transport of goods for hire and reward
  • Transportation of own goods

What are the different levels of fleet insurance?

All levels of cover are available, including fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft, third party only, laid up, and any combination.

Vehicles of almost any type can be insured with our fleet insurance. Call our fleet insurance team and we can see if we can find a solution that fits your needs. Or, drop in if you’re local to one of our branches.

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