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About Our Self-Drive Hire Insurance

Self-drive hire insurance for car hire and van rental companies.

Protecting your business from risk

Does your company rent or lease vehicles to other businesses or the public? We can help protect your business’s success by recommending the right self-hire insurance for your company.

These policies generally cover the vehicle and the driver operating it for the duration of the rental contract with your business. Of course, this type of insurance is a legal requirement. Nonetheless, it gives you the peace of mind that your business assets are insured in case of an accident.

How does self-drive car hire insurance work?

Businesses, companies, or individuals that wish to rent out cars, vans, and other vehicles to the public must have self-drive hire insurance. As motor insurance covers rented vehicles and drivers, it is a legal requirement for such operations. It protects against accidents, damage, and other risks. It also covers vehicles that are not out on hire.

What is covered by self-drive hire insurance?

JB Brokers offers a wide range of policy options. Our qualified and specialized team members can assist you with choosing the right policy for you and your business. In addition to comprehensive coverage, self-drive car rental insurance can include third-party cover and third-party fire and theft cover.

  • drivers up to the age of 75;
  • provides coverage for travel within the UK and Europe;
  • a free breakdown cover or free Green Cards;
  • coverage at all times or only when hired out;
  • contingency coverage when vehicles are hired out on the customer’s own policy.

What types of vehicles are covered by self-drive hire insurance?

Our self-drive hire insurances are available for:

  • Car hire
  • Van hire
  • Removal vans rental
  • Motorhome hire
  • Camper van hire
  • Minibus hire
  • Horsebox hire

With our self-drive hire insurance policy, you’ll have complete peace of mind when you decide to hire out your vehicle.

How can we help your business?

In the event of damage, theft, accidents, vandalism or misuse of your hire vehicle, our self-drive car hire insurance team can assist with covering the costs.

Besides lowering your risk profile and enhancing your protection, our team can also recommend additional methods to reduce your insurance cost – especially if you are considered as high risk due to your vehicle usage and location. For example, we may suggest that site security and storage be improved; advise on managing customer ages and profiles; discuss vehicle tracking systems, remote telemetry, and on-board cameras for accident recording; and recommend a flexible approach to excess levels and coverage amounts.

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