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Private Hire

Private hire work can be unpredictable at the best of times, especially driving at unusual times, so it's crucial you have the best cover possible.

Public Hire

To work in the public hire trade, you must be flexible with the customer, but to do that, you need the proper insurance policy to protect you.


UBER has risen to prevalence in recent years as stalwarts in the taxi industry. Still, you need the right insurance cover to be a licensed UBER driver.


Mail order delivery has become utterly essential to life in the UK, and demand for couriers has never been higher. Ensure you're fully covered with courier insurance.

Motor Trade

If you work in the motor trade in any capacity, you will need insurance cover to some degree. Find out precisely from our team what you need and how it benefits you.


Whether you use a minibus for business or family use, it's crucial that you gain the right cover for not just you and your car, but your passengers too.


An enormous chunk of the UK uses a van for work or personal use, but with a van, you'll usually benefit from a lot of necessary add-ons to your policy.


HGV drivers are in massive demand due to current events, but driving an HGV comes with a lot of responsibility and risk, so ensure you are fully insured.


You will have to deal with many passengers as a coach/bus driver. Make sure that you've got the best insurance policy available to protect you, your vehicle and your business.

Self Drive Hire

Self-Drive hire covers everything from rental cars to moving vans, but they can be incredibly costly to have an accident in without bolstered self-drive hire insurance.

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