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Farm insurance is a specialist policy covering all aspects of the modern working farm. It usually includes things like tools, buildings, equipment and the overall business, but it can be finetuned to include things like livestock too.

Do I need farm insurance?

If you own a farm or something similar, you’re going to need an insurance policy that protects your assets and the business. Without insurance, the cost to replace your machinery and other farm essentials doesn’t come cheap.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance covers the following:

  • Buildings – Your buildings like farm home and barn will be covered for structural damage, meaning that should any damage occur, you can have it fixed quickly.
  • Pollution – Accidental pollution can be included in the policy
  • Contents – The contents within your farm, like essential equipment and fittings, are protected from damage and vandalism.
  • Shooting – Activities like Game Shooting can be included within your policy
  • Farm Diversification – If you have plans to diversify your land to include things like camping and touring, there are policy extensions available to assist 
Farm Motor

One of the most important assets on your farm will be the machinery that helps you maintain your land and harvest your crops. However, damage or breakdown of these machines can spell disaster for farms, so it’s critical to get the proper insurance cover to protect them.

What does farm motor insurance cover?

Farm motor insurance will have three key options to choose from, much like standard car insurance, which are:

Third-party only – This only covers damage to any third party; so, any property or individual damaged or injured, but this doesn’t cover damage to you or your vehicle.

Third-party, theft and fire – This includes everything from third party only cover, plus protection to the vehicle in your possession in the case of theft or fire.

Comprehensive – This includes all the benefits for third party, fire and theft, plus the added cover of your vehicles. Personal injury cover may also be applied to this type of insurance.

Agricultural Contractors

As an agricultural contractor, your job can be pretty risky. From laying crops to working on harvests, you need an insurance policy that protects you if something goes awry.

What insurance do agricultural contractors need?

You should always choose your cover based on the specifics of your job, but they should include some or all of the below:

  • Public Liability Insurance – This will protect you if you injure someone else or damage their property while working on their agricultural land
  • Tools Insurance – You can’t work without tools, so if yours are lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll be glad of the insurance cover to replace them
  • Employers Liability Insurance – If you employ someone, you are legally required to attain employers’ liability insurance which covers you if an employee is injured or becomes ill while at work
  • Personal Accident Cover – This will cover loss of earnings and medical costs in the event of an injury on the job

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