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HGV drivers have never been more in demand than they are now, but it’s crucial that you attain the proper insurance for your HGV. Finding the right insurance can be quite a headache with all the different aspects of the covers, but with our help and experience in the industry, we can make this a pain-free and cost-effective process.

Driving an HGV comes with much responsibility. An HGV is much larger and heavier than an everyday car. This makes it much harder to manoeuvre and requires more skill and knowledge to drive safely.

Regardless of the level of skill of the HGV driver, there is always the chance that there could be an unavoidable accident on the road. So having the right level of insurance cover is an absolute necessity for a business that utilises its own HGV’s. The type of cover you need will differ slightly depending on a few factors, such as the type of HGV, the number of drivers and where they drive to and from. Below is more information on the types of insurance available. You can finetune your policy by selecting all or some of the insurance below to ensure the cover is unique to you and your needs.

Types of HGV Insurance

Fleet Insurance – Fleet insurance policies cover all of the vehicles you own and all the people you employ to drive these vehicles. It means that your employees are not bound to one vehicle, and they are insured on all of them to make your business more flexible with drivers and routes. It also means there is only one policy to deal with each year instead of one per vehicle, which can be a logistic nightmare.

Public Liability – Public liability insurance is incredibly important as it covers any compensation or legal fees related to any accidents caused by your business during its work. Defending yourself in court and paying compensations can be incredibly costly without this cover.

European Cover – If your drivers frequently cross the border into Europe, you’ll need this cover to extend the insurance cover to those countries. If you don’t attain this cover and you are involved in an accident, you will not be covered for any financial or criminal fees and compensation.

Breakdown – Breakdowns strike when you least expect it, and this can massively impact your business operations when it comes to HGV’s. Ensure you have a breakdown cover so that in the case of a breakdown, you’ll have someone to call out for a tow or repair.

Ask Our HGV Insurance Professionals

Our HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) insurance covers vehicles with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of over 5 tonnes up to 60 tonnes. Different cover levels will provide you with a fully Comprehensive cover down to Third Party Only.

A Goods in Transit policy level can depend on several factors, such as the value of the goods being transported or the amount of coverage needed for a particular contract or network.

As an employer, you must have Employers Liability insurance to cover the cost of compensation should an employee suffer an illness or injury while on the job.

We offer 12-month HGV insurance plans.

Hazardous items cannot usually be covered under HGV insurance policies. However, if you do carry these types of coverage, contact us, and we’ll determine if we can provide you with a suitable policy.

Please refer to your motor certificate. We offer cover for drivers aged 17-69, providing the correct licence to drive the insured vehicle.

Our current schemes allow us to cover vehicles from 5 tonnes gross to vehicles up to 60 tonnes gross.

We are able to look at policies that involve the carriage of low hazardous goods.

Most heavy goods vehicles are used for haulage or delivery services, but everybody’s needs are different.

So our quote system will find the cheapest truck insurance premium whether you use the vehicle for pleasure purposes or for haulage.

Yes, we have a panel of insurers who will take on new fleets of HGV’s as well as existing ones. You would require a minimum of 3x vehicles to qualify for Fleet Insurance.

You will need an operators’ licence to carry goods connected with any trade or business if your vehicle’s gross weight is more than 3.5 tonnes.
There are certain exemptions, so it’s best to check with VOSA.

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As an HGV/truck driver, you’ll spend most of your time driving, leaving you little time arranging your insurance. Therefore, saving time by getting the right HGV or truck insurance quote the first time is essential.…

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