Courier Insurance

Specialising in those who carry parcels for a living, JB Brokers Ltd are here to provide the cover you need for all courier purposes.

If you deliver or transport goods or packages for work then you will need cover for carriage of goods for hire and reward (Courier insurance). Business Insurance with a Goods in Transit add-on is not the correct cover you need, however speak to our experienced team if you are unsure?

Just to re-iterate, if you are using your van to deliver or transport other people’s goods in exchange for money, you will need hire and reward insurance as part of your courier van insurance.

Hire and reward insurance can protect you if your vehicle or the goods you are transporting are damaged or stolen.

Whether you are an owner operator, operate a fleet of vehicles or work through the night, we know that couriers really go the extra mile and so do we.

Our dedicated experienced team work to find the policy that suit your needs. We search our large panel of leading UK insurance providers to find the best prices available for you.

If you need any further information regarding courier insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated Account Handlers are always happy to help with any questions or enquiries that you may have.

Courier vans often have high-value contents, high mileage and are left in busy areas while deliveries are being made, making them high-risk vehicles that most business insurance policies cannot adequately cover.

Goods in Transit Cover does not come as standard with most courier insurance policies, but is essential for protecting what’s inside your van.

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